Water STreet TownHomes BZA Hearing

Water STreet TownHomes BZA Hearing

Water Street Townhomes made the paper again with a write up on the BZA Hearing. Gavin isn't yet the wordsmith that Jamie is, but he is trying to steal her moniker, "Newspaper Novelist". Ha!

Water STreet TownHomes BZA Hearing

Water Street Townhomes passed the BZA hurdles

Jamie Fluery's Pilot News Article The Water Street Townhomes project required several variances to make everything work. Part of these were for the City parking lot and the remainder were related to discrepancies between current City of Plymouth standards and existing...

Water Street Townhomes at Plymouth Board of Public works

Always nice to make the paper. (Thanks Jamie Fluery!) We appeared before the Plymouth Board of Public Works (BOW) on September 11th. We were mainly there to discuss the drainage for the project, but we also took the opportunity to present the proposed re-plat and the...


The BLC, Garden Court's latest project slated for Plymouth, Indiana was shot down last night at the Common Council meeting. It's unfortunate because it's needed, but the NIMBY crowd prevailed. This was despite the support of the Mayor, City Attorney and Plan Director....

Riverside Commons Construction Signs

We struggled to find someone to do renderings for construction signs on this project. In the past they had been included with the architectural drawings. We had another graphic artist that we worked with too, but she retired. We ended up taking a chance on an internet...

In the News

It’s always great to get a mention in the news. Thanks to Angela for getting us front page coverage for the LaPaz Commons portion of the Riverside Commons Apartments.