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Opening mid-2019, Sand Hill Farm is a progressive community offering entry-level housing to young families and professionals.

Conceived in the 2016 Town of Culver’s Stellar application, and included in the 2017 Stellar designation funding, Sand Hill Farm Apartments seeks to create a work/school/life balance for residents that is friendly, nurturing, professional and inviting. Additional funding will result from Culver’s successful designation as a Stellar Community in 2018.

Sand Hill Farm affords residents stability, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and a chance to put down roots.

Sand Hill Farm is the exciting new place in Culver to live, learn, work & play.

At Sand Hill Farm, “You CAN live here.”

The Paddocks at Culver Town Council Meeting

The Paddocks at Culver Town Council Meeting

Kevin Berger of Easterday Construction Co., Inc. made a presentation regarding the progress at The Paddock a the Culver Town Council meeting December 30th. The associated article appeared in the Culver Citizen’s January 9th, 2020 edition.

ECC & Stellar

The Paddocks was the signature project for Culver’s Stellar application and the Stellar designation which Culver achieved in 2017. The investment Culver made in the housing development was instrumental in achieving Stellar designation.

The Paddocks Ground Breaking Ceremony

The Paddocks Ground Breaking Ceremony

Approximately 30 people came to our ground breaking ceremony for The Paddocks LIHTC apartment project on September 11th. Workforce housing has been a challenge Culver has been working on since 2014. Culver would not have been competitive in a LIHTC grant round without Stellar Community designation.

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