View from the top of the Sand Hill

The construction of Sand Hill Farm Apartments saw a lot of progress last week. Framing of the second floor units was completed. Floor trusses were set for the south wing third floor and framing for the second floor breezeway decks began. Tyvek installation is nearly complete. Roof trusses arrived on site and are scheduled to be placed this week. The crews were rained out on Thursday, but otherwise the rest of the week was productive.

View from the northeast corner

We took our Lake City Bank representative on a tour Friday and he was duly impressed with the progress since his last visit. Lake City Bank is providing the financing for the project. Glad we could make a good impression!

In other areas, we have nearly all of the finish selections completed. We’re still working to tie down colors for counter tops, but that should be it… except for the things we’ve forgotten. All of the materials have been tied down and nearly all of the subcontractors are in place. Rough-in of electrical and mechanical for the first floor should begin on the first floor soon. The windows are at the supplier, waiting on our release.