National Center for Housing Management

We’re working through the application process for phase II (The Paddocks) at Sand Hill Farm. Part of that involved obtaining in-house status as a Tax Credit Specialist. That was three days of classes and a four hour test in Houston the week of May 21st. The course was put on by the National Center for Housing Management. The course was informative, but the meat of it was meant for the management company that will be in charge of qualifying applicants for The Paddocks. We will be contracting with a management firm to do this. There will be significant record keeping requirements.

The course did help clarify some direction. The Paddocks will not be a mixed use development, i.e. all of the units in The Paddocks will be Tax Credit qualified. We now have a better understanding of who we can help with LIHTC housing and what that can do for the community. We also learned a significant amount about the time lines involved.

The information is quite dense, so we won’t bore you with it here, but you’ll notice some links throughout this post for those of you that would like to explore it further. If you have specific questions, feel free to hit us up in the comments and we’ll do our best to provide answers.