Article from the Culver Citizen 1/89/20 edition by Jamie Fleury

The last 2019 meeting of the Culver Town Council was December 30th. Town Manager, Jonathan Leist, asked for an update to the Council on the progress at The Paddocks. Kevin Berger of Easterday Construction Co., Inc. made a presentation that night. The associated article appeared in the Culver Citizen’s January 9th, 2020 edition as seen to the right. Thanks to Jamie Fleury for doing an nice job on the write-up.

Continuation of the Article appearing in the Culver Citizen

Since that time a lot has happened! First off, the snow in the pictures in the article has disappeared. That has helped things move along smartly! The pictures in the article show just the first floor of the first building, a townhome building, but since that time the second floor walls have been set and the roof trusses and roof sheathing are in place. Windows and shingles are being Monday. Windows will be placed shortly and the shingles will start to be installed shortly thereafter.

Significant progress has been made on two additional buildings as well. The first apartment building at the NW corner of the site has had the slab placed. First floor wall panels for that building have been delivered to the site today. Installation of those walls is imminent.

Footings and frostwalls for the third building, another apartment building, have been completed. The infrastructure required under the slab is underway now. We should be pouring that slab shortly.

Significant site work has been completed as well. The sewer line that runs through the site is nearly complete. Once it is backfilled we’ll be ready to begin another building pad. There’s a lot happening!