3rd Townhome Building – 506 Cavalier Drive

A lot has been going on at The Paddocks. We are now working on the 7th building and final building! The 7th building is the third townhouse building. The slab has been poured and framing is scheduled to start on Tuesday the 28th.

The first townhouse building is rapidly approaching completion. On the exterior, the downspout collector lines have been installed and the walks are about to go in. The grade has been prepared for them. On the interior, the floor installation is nearly complete. Cabinets and counter tops are in place. Electrical devices have been installed. Plumbing fixtures are being installed as well. All of the closet doors are installed. There was an issue with the room door frames, but replacement frames will come in this week and installation of the remaining doors should proceed quickly. We are working towards paving the parking areas in mid-September.

The first apartment building has most of the exterior siding in place. We’re waiting on the main entrance door so we can finish the siding installation. Downspout collector drains will be installed shortly. On the interior, cabinets and counter tops are in place. Electrical devices have been installed. Flooring installation has begun. Closet door installation has begun in these units as well.

Apartment Building 510-200 Siding Installation

The second apartment building has siding installation underway. Cabinets are installed and we’re waiting on counter tops to be delivered. Electrical device installation is underway.

The third apartment building has rough-in nearly complete. We’re waiting on the showers to be installed so inspections can be done. Insulation should be installed shortly after that. Once the insulation is in place, we will request the “Green Inspection” and be ready for drywall. We expect siding installation to start on this building as soon as the second apartment building siding is complete.

The second townhouse building is framed and roofed with windows and exterior doors in place. Rough-in is proceeding quickly on this building as well.

2nd Townhome Building Rough-in Underway

The Community Building has the foundations in place and is ready for framing to start. It should be framed in conjunction with the third townhouse building. Its fairly small, so it should go quickly. We’d like to get it set up soon so the office can be opened for rental interviews. We are still looking at having units ready to rent by September. Probably both for the first townhouse building and the first apartment building.

We’re making some revisions to the parking lot grading, ,but it should be finished soon. That will let us move ahead with installation of the stone base in preparation for paving.

2nd Townhome at 518 Cavalier Drive Framed and under Roof

Landscaping is scheduled for September and October. Some of the areas will be ready soon, but it will be better to wait until it’s cooler in the Fall to do the installation. We’ve asked for larger trees, 1-1/2″ caliper or better so they will have a better chance of surviving. We’re a bit concerned about the deer, so they will have fencing to protect them. We’re also going to be using gator bags to make sure they can be kept hydrated in the sandy soil. We’re pretty excited about seeing how the sustainable landscape comes together.