Riverside Commons Apartments construction is moving along nicely at this point, though we do need to make up for some lost time. We currently have four buildings in various stages of construction.

Community Building

The Community Building is framed, the roof has been shingled, the windows have been installed and plumbing & electrical rough-in are underway. In the past, this was would have been the last building completed, but because we need an accessible leasing office, it needs to be completed at approximately the same time as the first units are complete. This building will house the manager’s office, laundry room and a room for gatherings which has a TV and fireplace.

6-Plex Roofing Nearing Completion

The adjacent building is a 6-plex made of of four single story, ADA accessible flats and two townhomes. Each unit has a one car garage. The building is framed, the roof has been shingled, the windows have been installed and plumbing & electrical rough-in are underway. The second floor flat roof should be completed in the next day or two as well. Stone base has been placed for the driveways and the concrete porches were poured last week. This should be the first building of apartments available for lease.

Southwest 9-plex

Framing is underway on the 9-plex building at the southwest corner of the site fronting on Baker Street. This building will be one of three 9-plexes on the site. These will be identical buildings consisting of all townhomes. There will be a mix of two and three bedroom units in these buildings. The first floor framing is nearly complete. Second floor, floor trusses have been set and installation of the subfloor should begin shortly. These units are all ADA visitable, meaning their public areas such as the living room and powder bathroom are accessible for visitors, but the bedrooms are on the second floor. As with the 6-plex, all of the units have a one car garage.

Southeast 9-plex

The 4th building under construction is the 9-plex at the southeast corner of the site. This building will also front on Baker Street and sits at the corner of Richter Road. Concrete footings have been poured and the concrete frostwalls have been partially poured. This building is identical to the one under construction to the west. Our plan is to continue to step through the site, one building at a time. The current goal is to get all the building footings and foundations in place so we can pave the sites this Fall before winter sets in. With any luck, we will also have the framing complete, so that we are wintered in on all of the units.

Ready to Make the Sewer Taps

The excavator is at the site in LaPaz and we are close to starting excavation for the sewer taps. We intend to set the septic tanks at the same time. (LaPaz has a liquid only sewer system, where each residence has a septic tank that drains effluent to the municipal system. LaPaz contracts with Bremen for sewer treatment and the effluent is pumped to the Bremen Sewer Plant.