LaPaz Commons is the LaPaz component of the Riverside Commons IHCDA LIHTC project we are currently constructing. The eight units in LaPaz were always slated to be the last to come under construction. In the last week, site work has begun in preparation for building construction this Fall.

LaPaz has a effluent sewer system, where each residence or business has a septic tank associated with their sewer line. Only the liquid effluent from the septic tank enters the municipal lines and is ferried on for treatment. Most of the LaPaz system is gravity collection, but then the final leg pumps it to the Bremen sewer plan for treatment.

Green Sewer Pipes mark where the building hook-ups will be made.

As part of this project, the Town of LaPaz will be improving Troyer Street. We wanted to get the sewer taps in place prior to the street improvements, so as not to disturb the new street construction. If you look closely, you can see the green sewer pipes stubbed up showing where the connections are ready to hook-up to the new townhouses. The taps are complete, the septic tanks are set and we’re ready to roll!

Thomas Excavating has done this work and you can see where they also have the building pad prepared. Hundt Concrete will begin excavation on footings and frostwalls here as soon as they complete the last two buildings in Plymouth. We’re pushing on this to get everything out of the ground before winter. We hope to get paving placed as well. That would make the site much more navigable this winter. We’re hoping the Farmer’s Almanac is wrong, but best to prepare for the worst!